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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 08 - Bordello Patrol

Police Stories -- The series that lays bare the darker side of Authority.

Police Officer Karl Schwenk and his female partner are conducting an I.D. check in an Austrian brothel.They discover that two of the prostitutes are foreigners and are working illegally in Austria. Ordinarily this would be a case for the Immigration Police who would arrest and deport the two women.

But these two cops use the opportunity to extort a service from the whores: instead of going to jail, they can chose to perform in some quickie sex videos that the two police will film and then sell over the Internet. The madam is easily persuaded to provide a room for the police to carry out their video recordings, since she knows that she could be in big trouble for harboring and employing illegals.

The room she makes available is the S&M suite.
After some explicit sexual foreplay, one of the whores grabs the policeman's pistol; but she's quickly subdued, and the filming then turns into a punishment session with the whip and the cane.
More than just a sex video, it becomes a punishment video as well.

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DVD 65 min movie, plus Bonus and Backstage material, Previews and additionally on the DVD many photos

Original sound and dialog

(German and CZ)
English subtitles

with engl. subtitles
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