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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 05 - Spanking Club

A young woman is on her way to meet a certain Lady G.
This Lady G. runs a very special kind of club in an old castle. Young women who go there are taught how to serve as submissives for wealthy clients who pay to punish them or see them punished.

Ordinary girls are transformed into attractive hostesses, and much of their instruction is learning to submit to every variation of corporal punishment.

For their final examination, they must endure dozens of strokes of the cane from Lady G..
A client selects one of the hostesses and punishes her first with a leather whip and then with a cane.

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are MP4 files


DVD 70 min movie, plus Bonus and Backstage material, Previews and additionally on the DVD many photos
Original sound (Cz/Engl.) english Subtitles

with engl. subtitles
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