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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 04 - The Thieves

Two young foreign girls break into a farm to steal some food. They are surprised by the farmer and his wife.

As penalty for the theft, the girls are tied to a beam in the shed and are flogged on the bare back. Then they are freed when the farmer is finished.

Angry about this treatment, the girls begin to throw stones at the farmer and his wife and hit the farmer on the head. Furious, the farmers catch the girls again and punish them hard for it. One after the other is chastised heavily. First the bare ass is spanked by hand, then the first girl receives the belt and finally both are flogged with numerous strokes of the cane.

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DVD 50 min movie, plus Bonus and Backstage material, Previews and additionally on the DVD many photos
Original sound (D/Cz) english Subtitles

with engl. subtitles
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