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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 026 - Auditions

This is an unusual film from Pain4fem: it´s more of a documentary than a scripted story.
The Diseno Media HPS Film Company presents two new would-be actresses that our well-known model Lea has brought to us for an audition.
They will undergo a variety of tests to see if they can endure what they have only wondered about.

They submit themselves to the bastinado on the soles of their feet and to being smacked with a leather strap on their pussies.
And of course they must bare their bottoms for the classic punishment method--over the knee.
But the high point of the audition is when they strip to take a whipping on their naked backs and bend over to experience the searing sting of the cane on their exposed buttocks.

Although this was just an audition, the various physical reactions and facial expressions of the girls are most interesting, running the gamut from curiosity to anxiety to surprise to anguish and suffering.

And just as fascinating are their efforts to display dignity, pride, and fortitude as they struggle to endure the pain inflicted upon them.
It is obviously easier to imagine oneself being beaten than to actually experience it in reality.

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