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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 023 - Precinct Patrol

Policeman Karl Schwenk comes to work one morning and greets his long-time colleague. She is back from vacation and naturally wants Schwenk to bring her up to date on whatever went on during her absence. He tells her about the four "Special Handling" cases that he conducted with his new substitute partner, Christina.

For instance, the young blonde burglar on whom he used his razor strop until her buttocks were hot and glowing.
Or the small-time drug dealer they manipulated into starring in a private video. First she was forced to pleasure herself with a dildo and then to get on her hands and knees to get her ass whacked with a cane.

Not to mention the lengthy lashing with a bullwhip they gave to a superb dark-haired girl who wetted herself half-way through the interrogation.
And of course he couldn´t forget the questioning of a beautiful criminal who refused to admit her part in a blackmail scheme until she´d taken dozens of stinging strokes of the cane.

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DVD 41 min movie, plus Bonus and Backstage material, Previews and many additional photos

Original sound and dialog (D/CZ)

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