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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 014 - Judicial Caning

In certain countries the penal code is being reformed.
As an alternative to either a prison sentence or a monetary fine, defendants convicted of petty crimes may opt to undergo corporal punishment instead.
A worried young woman now faces just such a decision.
For having been repeatedly caught sneaking rides on public transportation, she has been ordered to serve a year in jail or submit to 45 strokes of the cane.

Greatly distressed, she calls up a friend to find out more about the caning option. This friend had the dubious pleasure of receiving 50 strokes just a few months earlier.
She relates her painful experience fully: how she was examined by a doctor, how she had to go to the toilet while being watched to make sure she didn´t urinate during punishment, and how she was strapped down naked on the caning frame to receive her 50 strokes.

And it was much the same for our worried young woman: a painful punishment administered to her in the name of Law and Order.

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