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2004 - 2010


Pain4fem 011 - Drug Patrol

Police Stories -- The series that lays bare the darker side of Authority.

Policeman Karl Schwenk and his female partner are on the hunt for a woman drug smuggler.
The smuggler and her accomplice are soon apprehended and brought to the police station.

The accomplice is the first to be interrogated and her initial silence is overcome with the help of a caning.
She reveals that drugs are concealed up the rectum of her partner in crime.
A rain of heavy blows with a wooden spoon persuades the smuggler herself to confirm where the drugs are hidden.

By means of an enema, the drugs are extracted from their anal hiding place, but the police also want information about who the buyers and suppliers are for these drugs.
The prisoner's silence earns her dozens of excruciatingly painful blows with a stout rod.
Only after the two attractive women have been thoroughly beaten is the information finally obtained.

The extreme severity of the canings during the interrogation may make your skin crawl. This video is not for the fainthearted.

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DVD 70 min movie, plus Bonus and Backstage material, Previews and many photos

Original sound and dialog (D/CZ)

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